Relocating the Little Owl Hide – 22nd April 2019

We’ve had a busy weekend down at the farm. The Little Owl decided to change its nest site and has moved into an old box, around ten days ago, at the back of the hide. No one said anything at first but the ‘Elephant in the room’ was that we needed to move the hide. We called in a few favours, rallied the troops, and managed to man handle the hide in total silence and relocate it a good distance from the nest site whilst the Little Owl sat on her eggs oblivious to the work been carried out.

22nd April 2019
The Little Owl incubating five eggs.

Not a bad job thanks to: Paul, Chris, Joe, John and Richard.

Hope to see you soon, Les

Published: 14/05/2023 Published by: WJP Software

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