Tawny Owls hunting during the daytime – 4th May 2019

The Tawny Owls are now feeding two chicks which means that they are out hunting and visiting the hide during the daytime. This is the only time of year that they will appear in the daylight. Last year this behaviour lasted until the chicks fledged the box in mid summer. We are running afternoon photography sessions for anyone interested in capturing these amazing birds.

Hope to see you soon,

Tawny Owl out hunting during the daytime.
Two Tawny Owl chicks in the nest box as seen on the monitor.
 Life in the Tawny Owl hide – note the nest monitor in the centre left showing the Tawny Owl and her two chicks.
Female Tawny Owl peering out of the nest box for her mate to arrive with the afternoon snacks.

Published: 14/05/2023 Published by: WJP Software

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