Two Owlets still in the nest box – 30th May 2018

Our three Little Owl Owlets are now down to two, we think due to the weather, one day its really hot followed by poor conditions. Three of the six eggs failed to hatch for the first time since we have been monitoring the birds with nest cameras, this is almost certainly due the the ‘beast from the east’ that plummeted the area into a scene from the arctic. So all things considered the owls are still doing well.

Also, for the first time we have a second pair of Little Owls nesting, in one of our boxes, on the farm. They are currently incubating three eggs.

The Tawny Owls are still visiting the woodland hide around 4.30pm. Anyone visiting to photograph the Little Owls have the opportunity to take some daytime images of the Tawny Owl. This only lasts for a few weeks when the Tawny’s are feeding their chick that is now branching high up in the trees.

All the best


Published: 14/05/2023 Published by: WJP Software

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